Aftercare services for ex-residents

Since 2000, aftercare work has become a major emphasis in our programme. This is crucial as recovering women tend to leave the residential programme before they are ready to cope with pressure in life. In many ways, the Asian family expects the recovering daughter/ daughter-in-law to go home as soon as the mandated programme is over to take on the care of her children and to bring in the income. It is an uphill task to persuade these women to extend their stay in the halfway house after their mandated term.

Aftercare follow-up thus become an important means to help them in their recovery after they leave the programme. We have a designated staff to look into this area of work although all our staff do aftercare in one way or another by keeping in touch and meeting ex-residents outside our premises from time to time.

Besides befriending and mentoring these ex-residents, we also do home visits and engage family members to garner their support to help these women in their recovery after they leave The Turning Point. Sometimes, we make referrals to the relevant social service agencies and community partners to enlist their help to meet the needs of the ex-residents in areas such as finance, housing and medical treatments.

We may also have to help them find work or accommodation whenever the need arises. Thus, post-discharge aftercare is an important component in our effort to enhance the women’s well-being after they leave our programme, especially during the first year.