Residential Rehabilitation Programme

  • Spiritual Therapy – Imparting spiritual values and coping skills to residents have always been an emphasis in the recovery programme since addiction is often a lifestyle that is bred from a dysfunctional family upbringing. Our staff and volunteers conduct Bible study and sharing sessions daily and the residents attend church service on Sundays..
  • Relapse Prevention Rehabilitation Programme & Self-discovery Groupwork – As part of the rehabilitation, the staff conducts a 20-session relapse prevention programme for the residents to help them in their recovery.  Among the topics touched on are Self-identity, Denial, Powerlessness, Moral Values, Harmful Effects of Drugs/ Substances, Forgiveness, Relapse Prevention, Triggers, Gratefulness, Anger Management, Money Management and Where to Seek Financial Assistance. In addition, we organise training workshops to enhance the self-esteem and self image of the residents.  Motivational speakers and facilitators come in to encourage and inspire the residents to change.
  • Counselling – Besides groupwork and Bible study, a social worker is assigned to every case to look into the needs of the residents. Other than individual counselling, the staff also conducts couple and family sessions to help mediate and enhance couple/ family relationships. For many, their main obstacle from recovery is the emotional baggage they carry due to past hurts and abuse which may lead to self-degradation, low self-esteem and image, as well as mistrust of others. Thus, individual counselling and family sessions are vital means to help them in the healing process and their recovery.
  • Work therapy – Since 1996, The Turning Point has been running a baking and craft therapy for the residents. This therapy was started by volunteers. Residents learn the skills of baking and craft work. Craft therapy stimulates their creativity in a structured and routine manner.