Social Services for residents

  • Educational advice and assistance Residents who are interested
  • Educational advice and assistance
    Residents who are interested to pursue a course of study during their stay in The Turning Point can consult the social worker who will facilitate the residents in their application for the course of study. If anyone has financial difficulty, the staff will help them find the necessary funds for their studies. Besides an educational fund within the Home, the staff may also help the residents apply for funding from the relevant organisations that support the upgrading of skills of workers and prisoners, such as the Yellow Ribbon Fund.
  • Financial advice and assistance
  • Two sessions in the Home’s core treatment programme touch on money management and where to seek financial assistance. This is an area that many residents are either ignorant of or have not given much thought to.
  • Career counselling & job referral
  • As part of the rehab programme, the residents will be placed out to work after a few month stay in the Home. The social worker will discuss and guide the residents through the career options available to them. An aftercare officer will help source for the right vacancies and arrange for the job interviews for the residents. She will accompany the residents for the interviews and help them negotiate the working terms and conditions so as to fit into our rehab programme and schedule as the residents will return to the Home after work. Sourcing for jobs and inculcating positive work attitude can be a challenge with this group of women as many of them had led a rather ill-disciplined lifestyle in the past and were not work-conscious. Many held jobs of short-term nature and some were also involved in the night life industry.